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The Columbariums

Our Christian faith teaches that the beginning and ending ofphysical and spiritual life rests with God. A Memorial Prayer Garden andColumbarium will serve as a final resting place for thecremated remains of our loved ones.
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What Are The Columbariums?

The word Columbarium comes from the Latin word “columbary” which is a structure for the nesting of doves, the dove being the symbol of God’s spirit and peace. A Columbarium is a structure made up of many recessed niches(sealed compartments) that hold cremated remains that are housed in urns.

Who Can Use The Columbariums?

Members of Portland First United Methodist Church and their extended family may use the Columbarium. We are currently investigating reserving 50% of the niches for church members and their families and opening the remainder of the facility to the surrounding community.

What Do They Look Like?

This is what the Memorial Prayer Garden and Columbarium would look like as you walk into it. Ahead are memorial structures that house niches that would hold the ashes (cremated remains) of you or your loved one.

Columbarium Members

Memorial Prayer Garden & Columbarium Members: 
Dave Hawley, 
David Lewis, Jimmy Atkins, Becky Cofas, Marietta Koester, Jim Schuchardt

You can also contact Lana at the church office.


PHONE:(361) 777-2000

Address: 4545 Wildcat, Portland, TX 78374         Phone: 361-777-2000