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Missions & Outreach

From local and regional outreach opportunities to building homes each year and supporting missionaries; Missions are really important to the our church.
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Local Mission Projects

From helping feed people in our community,  to helping our neighbors in need being in outreach in our community is important to all age groups in our church. Being involved in helping people is an important part of our faith journey.


Every year we raise about $30,000 and head down to the Border and build a home for families in need.  That $30,000 will build a roughly 900 square foot home.  For many of the people we help; we are able to give them a real structured home for the first time in their lives.

Missionary Support

Just like with the home building mission above we like to build long-term relationships with people and then being able to get to know them and their ministries.  We support long-term missionaries that we have been blessed to get to know and watch their journey to continuing the work of building the kingdom.

Family Missions

We enjoy being in mission with our families. We begin teaching our kids early on why it is important to help serve the world around us.  Multi-generational mission work is the future for being able to successfully change the world.

Mission & Outreach Contact Info

NAME: Mrs. Gail McCleese
PHONE:(361) 946-1552

Address: 4545 Wildcat, Portland, TX 78374         Phone: 361-777-2000